List of teams selected from all the four sites i.e. Amritapuri, Chennai, Kharagpur and Kolkata can be seen by clicking here

  1. All the selected teams are hereby requested to Register online at and choose India-Final as a site on or before December 28, 2016.
  2. Teams selected from Amritapuri, Chennai and Kharagpur site will participate at Gwalior whereas teams selected from Kolkata Site will participate at Kolkata itself.
  3. Teams who have not deposited their registration  fee (Rs. 3,000/-) may submit it in cash at the time of onsite registration in Kolkata or Gwalior.
  4. Please note that we will provide accommodation and food to all the teams and coaches (in case if they are accompanying team) from the afternoon (post lunch) of December 29, 2016 till the morning of December, 31, 2016.
  5. All the teams participating in India-Final will have to deposit security money of Rs. 2,000/- per team, to our representative at the time of onsite registration. This money will be refunded at the time of check out.
  6. Please do not forget to bring the following documents:
    • Identity Card issued by your college [Contestant and Coach (in case if coach is accompanying team)]
    • Hard copy of “Working Environment
    • Hard copy of “How to Reach & where to report” document for Gwalior or Kolkata